My Parents Ignored My Wedding Invitations; Now Our Family Is Shaming Them For Not Attending

Weddings are supposed to be happy events, but they can also show hidden problems in families. This happened in today’s story.

I have a younger brother named Mike. He is spoiled and always wants things his way. Ever since he was born, my parents have paid more attention to him and ignored me. My mom used to be loving but became focused only on Mike. My dad loves me but never stands up to my mom. The only person who stood up for me was my grandpa, but he lives far away.

Mike knows our mom prefers him and enjoys rubbing it in my face. He’s spoiled and always gets me in trouble. His only talent is playing football. He got a scholarship to a good college, and my parents spent my college fund on a car and house for him.

At college, I met Lucas, who became my best friend and later my boyfriend. With the help of Lucas and new friends, I moved out of my parents’ house. Now, Lucas and I both have good jobs.A year ago, Lucas proposed to me. We wanted a small, simple wedding. I told my parents, but they barely listened. Lucas convinced me to invite my parents and brother, but they never replied. When I talked about my wedding, my mom would always change the topic to my brother. Finally, I told her I was planning an event on a specific date. She said they couldn’t come because of my brother’s football game. I didn’t tell her it was my wedding.

A few weeks ago, I got married. The wedding was perfect, with family and friends there. My grandpa walked me down the aisle. People asked why my parents weren’t there, and I said they were at my brother’s game. My grandpa was angry, and my relatives were upset with my parents.

After the wedding, my parents found out the truth on Facebook, and our family is now shaming them for not attending.After our honeymoon, Lucas and I came back to a lot of drama. When I turned on my phone, it exploded with notifications. Most were from my mom and brother. My brother was furious because my aunt posted wedding photos on Facebook, taking a dig at my parents for missing the wedding. The post went viral in our community, and my parents were publicly criticized.

My grandpa even went to see my parents and scolded my dad until he cried. This made my dad realize how much he had hurt me by missing my wedding, and now he’s threatening divorce unless my mom makes things right with me. My mom started bombarding my phone with messages—first angry and threatening, then desperate and pleading for forgiveness.

Now I’m at home with Lucas, trying to figure out what to do next. Many of my relatives, even those who weren’t invited to the wedding, have apologized for what happened. They didn’t know about the drama at home because they live far away. But my mom’s sisters and friends are criticizing me for not telling my mom about the wedding. They say my mom is heartbroken about missing it, but I think she’s just trying to save face.

My dad and mom have sent me messages expressing how sad and sorry they are for missing my wedding. Now my family is split into three groups: those supporting me, my mom’s side shaming me, and my maternal grandparents urging me to forgive my mom. My best friends are advising me not to listen to my mom’s side.People stood on her side.

“Actions have consequences. Mike is the golden child to the point of things being dysfunctional. You have created your life accordingly based on what they have done (your mum controlling everything and your dad enabling her) and now they’re unhappy because they’ve been shamed for it. Too right! I am however pleased your dad might be waking up.

“They were invited, they gave a reason they weren’t attending. You accepted their non-participation.

“They got the same wedding invite that everyone else did. Everyone else figured out that the event was a) important and b) your wedding.

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