Demi Moore’s “Bizarre” Bathroom Photos Are Making Her Fans Go Crazy

Now that celebrities are forced to run the public relations and media campaigns from the comfort of their homes, fans are getting an inside look into the way these people live. And it should come as no surprise that celebrities simply do not have the same lives as the rest of us. With money to burn, celebrities have flaunted many notable things during their appearances across social media including their explorations of other art forms like actor Anthony Hopkins’s sharing of his paintings, and Demi Moore revealing her makeup-free looks.
However, Demi Moore had broken the internet when images of her got shared to her official Instagram account. While on a Zoom call for her new podcast that she is launching entitled “Dirty Diana,” she showed what it was like for her working from home. And when she announced the new podcast to her fans on Instagram, she posted two images along with the caption, “Excited to finally share what I’ve been working on. The first episode of #DirtyDiana drops Monday, July 13. Trailer in bio.”Although the first photo that Demi Moore shared from her luxury bathroom might not seem like she is hosting a Zoom call while only feet from her porcelain throne, a closer look will tell you otherwise. Just take a glance into the background of Moore’s Instagram image, and you’ll see that the toilet is right there – complete with brown carpet from wall to wall.
Perhaps, Moore chose to record her podcast episode in her carpeted bathroom because it is the best room in her home to record audio tracks. That is possible since many people enjoy the great acoustics in the shower or bathroom. There’s nothing quite like singing in the shower. And for Demi Moore, apparently, there is nothing quite like recording a podcast episode of Dirty Diana while on a Zoom call in your carpeted bathroom!While it might make sense for Moore to record the episode in her bathroom – since it might have the best recording acoustics in the property – it is also strange that it includes so many bizarre décor pieces. Moore has a Joan of Arc statue set up on display as well as a brown shag carpet, which seems quite off-putting for a bathroom. There’s even a couch in the bathroom that Demi Moore uses to relax while not on the toilet.
After Moore posted the images of her bizarre bathroom to Instagram, fans were quick to start a conversation about it“I can’t tell if there’s a couch in the bathroom or a toilet in the living room lol,” one fan wrote in the Instagram comments.
Another person came forward to declare Demi Moore one of the “baddest b*tches of all time” because she has wall-to-wall carpet in her bathroom and doesn’t seem to care that fans get to peek into her most intimate room in the house.
The fan wrote, “The balls to not only have wall to wall carpet in your bathroom—but to also be wearing shoes during a Zoom call. Friends, Demi Moore, might just break the top 20 of baddest b*tches of all time. Icon behavior.”

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