WATCH: Travis Kelce Throws Helmet, Has Altercation With Andy Reid Following Game


WATCH: Travis Kelce Throws Helmet, Has Altercation With Andy Reid Following Game

By Jason RobertsonDecember 27, 2023Updated:February 12, 2024
NOTE: this occurred in December of 2023. Mr. Kelce did something similar in the LVIII Super Bowl in February of 2024, losing it and yelling at Coach Andy Reid and even slamming into him, nearly knocking Coach Reid over. Given how shocking that incident was, given that much of the country saw it during the Super Bowl, we think reviewing this one is important as well, as acting aggressively towards Coach Reid is incredibly inappropriate and a bad example for Mr. Kelce to set.

Travis Kelce is back in the headlines, but this time, it is for his football-playing exploits instead of the constant relationship drama between him and Taylor Swift that has been ever-present throughout the last half of the Kansas City Chiefs NFL season. As the year came to a close, the Chiefs suffered a painful 20-14 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, which clearly set Kelce into a tirade.

Following a game in which Kelce’s efforts as a tight end were impactful but not up to his standards as the elite player that he has become, he was seen throwing his helmet in the first quarter and speaking his mind to head coach Andy Reid on the sideline after the loss. This tension flared in full sight of cameras as NFL fans all across the country witnessed the turmoil.

The helmet throw, which is not typically the most uncommon sight in pro football, was a shocking move as Kelce launched his protective headwear at the team’s water cooler. That didn’t seem to get all the anger out, however, as a staff member was denied by Kelce when trying to return the helmet to the disgruntled superstar.

After the game, a quick discussion that appeared to be a bit heated sparked up between Kelce and Head Coach Andy Reid in which the two bumped each other. That can be seen in the video below, which was posted to X by NFL on CBS.

Andy Reid, for his part, seems over the altercation and ready to move on to next week’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals on New Year’s Eve. He told reporters after the game, “Yeah, listen, I mean, he went back in and did a nice job. So, things happen, emotional game. Trav’s emotional and sometimes my red hair gets to me a little bit, but it all works out.”

Kelce has yet to comment on the matter, and with Reid being over it so quickly it wouldn’t be surprising if we never got a peep out of the star tight end about this. Star quarterback Patrick Mahomes answered question after the game about the state of the team and the plan for the season going forward as the group looks to secure a playoff spot.

Mahomes said, “They played better than us today, and they were the team that deserved to win. All you can do is move on to the next day, and the next game…I still believe that we can go do what we want to do, it’s just [a matter of] correcting [our mistakes] as quickly as possible.”

Many NFL fans are rejoicing as the drama surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs is focused on what happened on the field instead of the much-talked-about relationship between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. While some loved the news of the couple, real Chiefs fans are surely thrilled to see their team on the news for their on-field play and attitude after months of talk about dating in the tabloids. The Chiefs will look to get their tenth win of the season on New Year’s Eve.

Watch Kelce here:

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