Stop Buying Tomatoes. Use These 4 Smart Methods To Grow An Endless Supply

Tomatoes are an incredibly versatile fruit that can enhance various dishes, ranging from soups and pastas to salsas and chilis. If you’re a tomato enthusiast and consume them frequently, cultivating your own tomatoes can save you money while providing superior flavor. While starting with tomato seedlings is the most common approach, there are alternative methods to consider. Here are four strategies that can ensure a continuous supply of your beloved fruit.

1. Utilize Tomato Slices

Did you know that burying tomato slices can yield a plentiful harvest? The Wannabe Homesteader suggests a simple and cost-effective solution. All you need is an overripe tomato, potting soil, and containers.
Fill a large container with potting soil, leaving some space at the top. Next, place a few thin tomato slices on the soil surface. Opt for slices with abundant seeds and bury them in enough soil to prevent sprouting. Wait for one to two weeks for the germination process to commence.

Within approximately a week, the tomato seeds will germinate, allowing you to grow up to 60 seedlings in one container. Identify the top four or five robust sprouts, take cuttings, and transplant them elsewhere. Regularly monitor the young plants, removing the weaker ones to create space for the stronger ones.
2. Opt for Ground Planting

If you possess a spacious yard that receives ample sunlight, planting tomatoes directly in the ground can significantly boost your harvest. According to Bonnie Plants, this method reduces the need for watering. However, be aware that deer and rabbits might take an interest in your garden, necessitating protective measures.

3. Embrace Window Box Gardening

Even if you have limited space for a garden, you can successfully grow tomatoes in a window box. Select a window box capable of holding at least 1.5 liters of soil and support the plant with a string trellis securely drilled into the wall. To maximize your success, opt for smaller tomato varieties.

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