Jim Jordan Slams DA Willis On Trump Prosecution: “Your Position Is Wrong”

Recently, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan called out Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis regarding her response to an investigation into her prosecution of Donald Trump.

Willis had previously criticized Jordan and the House Judiciary Committee, claiming their efforts were interfering with her prosecution of the former president through records requests. Jordan hit back at Willis, succinctly stating that her “position is wrong.”

Jordan wrote in a letter obtained by the Washington Examiner, “Your letter contends that the Committee, by conducting oversight into apparently politicized local prosecutions, is ‘obstruct[ing] a Georgia criminal proceeding’ and ‘advanc[ing] outrageous partisan misrepresentations.’ Your position is wrong.”

According to Jordan, Willis’ response to the records requests is evidence that Willis’ prosecution of Trump is indeed politically motivated, claiming she is “actively and aggressively engaged in such a scheme.” Willis had declared that her case against Trump was a local and state matter, therefore prohibiting Congress from investigating the case. However, Jordan rebuked this notion, claiming the prosecution of a former president merits substantial attention.

“If state or local prosecutors can engage in politically motivated prosecutions of senior federal officers for acts they performed while in federal office, this could have a profound impact on how federal officers choose to exercise their powers,” Jordan said.

Ultimately, Jordan and his committee seek to determine if Willis had “coordinated” with the Justice Department in the Trump prosecution, particularly special counsel Jack Smith, who brought a similar indictment to Willis.

“The information that we seek will allow us to assess the extent to which your indictment is politically motivated and whether Congress should therefore draft legislative reforms to, among other things, protect former and current Presidents from politically motivated prosecutions,” Jordan continued.

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