7 Priceless Things That Money Will Never Be Able To Buy

individual. What it can’t buy you is the will to do the work necessary to increase your intellectual capacity.

Most people are dumb not because they didn’t have access to a great means of education, but rather because they either didn’t believe it was important to learn or because they didn’t believe themselves capable of learning.

We live in an age in which information flows freely and anyone just about anywhere can learn whatever it is they would like to learn from the comfort of their homes. No money necessary.

6. Purpose.
Let me start off by saying that money in itself is not a purpose worth living for. It’s not really a purpose at all, but a byproduct. Those who are incredibly wealthy aren’t incredibly wealthy because they simply set out to become incredibly wealthy. It may have been otherwise centuries ago, but those days are long gone.

Making significant amounts of money is much harder than it used to be – these days you need to first find a purpose. Without a purpose in life we are lost. We are confused. We make poor decisions and end up living lives that we hate with all our soul.

Purpose is arguably the most important thing a person can have. It’s not something that can be bought, but rather something that you have to find within yourself.

7. A Legacy.
Money is no legacy – unless you’re George Washington. Legacy is the result of a life lived with purpose, full of success, as well as failures. You see, what few people realize is that although people love to hear about success stories, they love to hear about the struggle that led to that success.

No one wants to hear a story without a storyline – what is a race if there is nothing but the start and the finish?

A legacy is a life that was lived properly. It’s a life that was lived with such powerful purpose and direction that others are left in awe simply from trying to understand what exactly was accomplished.

To leave a legacy behind after you kick the bucket, you have to create massive, positive change, for a massive amount of people. Money may be the tool used to create a legacy – although it certainly doesn’t have to be – but money alone will not buy you a legacy.

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